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Pittsburgh Penguins Trade Rumors

I'm hardly ever one to really go about spreading unsupported rumors. But with the trade deadline approaching and injuries mounting, it's only right to at least mention what is surrounding the Pens right now.

Peter Forsberg
No. No. No. According to everyone under the sun, he has declined any such invitation to the Penguins, Rangers and Canadiens. The only teams allegedly in 'competition' for him are the Flyers, Predators and apparently the Blackhawks. In any case, the Pens aren't a team of geriatrics. As much as I've always liked Forsberg as a player, I fail to see where he fits with the Pens. [EDIT: 9:54pm] Peter Forsberg announced today that he will not be returning to the NHL this year. Consider him entirely out of the mix. [/Edit]

Dan Ellis - Goalie, Predators
This rumor was started by The Hockey News. According to the staff writers, the Pens would be interested in Dan Ellis in exchange for a second round draft pick. It didn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now. Acquiring Ellis would mean either Conklin or Fleury would be going somewhere else. And frankly, I don't think Shero or Therrien have any plans of getting rid of those guys anytime soon. Especially since Fleury can probably be had for a cheap price thanks to this year's injury.

Tuomo Ruutu - Winger, Blackhawks
Pensburgh user Stros Bro found info on this rumor here. A Ruuuuutuuuu line for the Pens? Hey, the Sedin's have it in Vancouver. According to The Fourth Period, the Penguins are also interested in Martin Havlat, although Chicago is weary about trading him away without making a significant upgrade. Considering Havlat's injuries, he might just pose as more of a gamble than the Pens are willing to take.

Mats Sundin - Center, Maple Leafs
It's been rumored that Mats Sundin wants out of the Maple Leafs camp. Can't blame the guy. After all, I'm sure anyone would want a legitimate run for the cup before retirement. But Sundin has also said he wants to retire as a Maple Leaf. This could just be a typical case of he said - she said.

Rob Blake - Defenseman, Kings
This may have had a bit more going for it two weeks ago when Blake wasn't hurt. His tradeability may very well have gone down. I don't think the pickup would've been a crucial one, but instead a leadership move. In any case, injuries have plagued the regular roster of the Pens all season. No need to acquire a guy coming back from an injury who may be prone to many more.

Marian Hossa - Winger, Thrashers
It's been said that Marian Hossa wants out of Atlanta. It's also been said that Atlanta doesn't want to part with Hossa. His name was thrown around in trade rumors with the Pens on more than one occasion. During the Devils/Thrashers game last week, Thrashers head coach Don Waddell said he wanted to keep Hossa around for the rest of the season. There still is no guarantee the Thrashers will make the playoffs, and in turn may be wasting a solid attempt at picking up someone on the trade and building towards next season. Keeping Hossa and not making the playoffs will only devalue his tradeability. He'd probably have a better chance of wearing the black and gold next season.