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Sidney Crosby to Sit Tonight - Peter Forsberg Drama Ends

I didn't necessarily expect Forsberg to be a Penguin this year, but I did suspect he'd be somewhere.  Not anymore.  Peter Forsberg announced yesterday that he will not be returning to the NHL this season.  I suppose his foot and ankle problems are exactly at 100%.  I'm really just happy to hear that the drama surrounding him is over for this season.

On to news that matters...

Forsberg's ankles may not be in the best of shape, but Sid's ankle is definitely coming along better than anticipated.  Players are the team have been joking with him, telling him he's more machine than man.  Max Talbot specifically said it has been unreal watching Sid take to the ice in practice.  From a guy who suffered a high ankle sprain earlier in the year, he can understand the slow and painful process of recovery.

When Crosby was initially injured, the date set for his potential return was placed at a hopeful March 15.  Although Sid has publicly announced he will not return tonight against the Panthers, a return against the Habs or Senators later this week is not entirely out of the question.  In any case, Sid's return is certainly looking like it'll be sooner rather than later.  However, as seen in Max Talbot's premature return, playing on the injured ankle too soon can keep you out for even longer.  I just hope he and the trainers really know what they're doing.  The last thing the Penguins need is to have Sid sitting the first week of the playoffs with a re-aggrivated high ankle sprain.

The votes are in from yesterday's potential trade poll.  56% of voters thought Tumo Ruutu had the best chance of finding his way to the Penguins this season, while not a single vote registered for Forsberg, Ellis or Sundin.  Hossa and Havlat were close, making up for 21% and 17% respectively.  Rob Blake trailed in last with only 4% of the votes.

Unlike the U.S. voting system, there's no delegates on to take away from the majority.  Your vote actually counts.  

Penguins vs Panthers tonight at 7:30.  Live thread to come soon.

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