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Around the Blog Roll

I was doing a little reading tonight around the Pensburgh blog roll and came up with some real gems.

In case you were wondering whether or not Geno has to worry about Ovechkin surpassing him in the points race, look no further than Eddie Spaghetti's break down.  Eddie looks into Ovechkin's stats before the full-time girlfriend and compares them to the stats Ovie has put up now that he's been bedding a Russian broad.   Has Ovechkin's new found love left him love struck on the ice?  Read on

Snoopyjode from The Sidney Crosby Show puts a new spin on the "who is better" tirade.  Instead of the over-talked Sid vs Ovechkin debate, SJ takes it to the level of the media and Internet formed Sid vs Malkin.  Check it out here.

If you didn't catch it during the Pens vs Panthers game, JB from Penguins Insider has a pic up of MAF rocking the yellow pads along with some Fleury info many Pens fans aren't privy to seeing.  Read

Let's Go Pens posts recaps from the other team's newspapers.  Read the Panthers vs Penguins one.  I love the first line:

When the Panthers take a two-goal lead into the third period, opponents should have hope and Florida fans should worry.

Ted Hutton - Sun-Sentinel

I love when the media turns on their team.

Finally, The Pens Blog is holding a public hearing involving Ty Conklin and Marc-Andre Fleury.  If the media wants to hold their assumptions and fans want to stay true to theirs, then the Pens Blog has opted to take it to court.

That's all for now.  Pens vs Habs, 7:30 tonight.