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Penguins vs Senators Open Thread

Pittsburgh Penguins (35-21-5) vs Ottawa Senators (35-20-6)
In Pittsburgh at 3:00 PM (but AM would be crazy)
Watch on FSN/Center Ice or listen live at

Remember - a 3:00 start today and tomorrow

HUGE game today.  Bigger than the game against the Habs.  This is a must win (in regulation) for the Pens to take first in the Conference.

That is, of course, as long as New Jersey loses to the Islanders and Montreal loses to Columbus.

Cross your fingers.

Conks in net today.  But can we expect Fleury tomorrow against the Sharks?  No call-up yet.

The Senators have been struggling in the goaltending area.  But they have enough offense to cover for it.  This game is going to take a strong defensive effort by the Pens (not their strong suit) and an even better offensive performance.  It'll be a high-scoring affair, but hopefully a winning one.  Worst case scenario, the Pens take the Sens to OT and at least guarantee a point.  Best case scenario - shutout.