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Conklin Saves the Day Over Islanders, Penguins Win 4-2

Conklin stopped 50 of 52 shots faced to help the outshot Pens to a 4-2 victory

On March 30, 1976, Ty Conklin emerged from his mother's womb at the unhealthy weight of 25 lbs, 10 ounces.  What amazed the doctors so much wasn't this baby elephant-like weight, but instead the ever pondering question of "where did he get the goalie gear?"  

Baffled beyond comprehension, the doctors proceeded to fill out Ty Conklin's birth certificate.  In the blank space labeled "Born", doctors didn't hesitate one bit to write-in "to play."

The rest, as they say, is history.

Ty Conklin was born to play, and perhaps it poses as no surprise the Penguins were outshot once again.  If there is one thing Conklin has prove time in and time out, he's up for the challenge.  And if there is one thing the Pens have proven, it's quality over quantity.

On the receiving end of 52 Islanders' shots, Ty Conklin maintained his ground to stop all but two.  When the final horn sealed the 4-2 victory, Conklin looked at the scoreboard and patted himself on the back.  For all intensive purposes, the score could have been 9-4 Islanders.

Coming off the excitement of sealing Marian Hossa on the brink of the trade deadline, the Penguins edged closer behind the Devils in the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference standings.  

Perhaps the biggest contribution for the Pens tonight came from the 'other guys.'  Both Jeff Taffe and Connor James tallied power play goals, the latter scoring his first career NHL goal.  Both guys provided some much needed depth now that Erik Christensen and Colby Armstrong are no longer with the team.  Ironically enough, Connor James was called up prior to the game on an 'emergency basis' and flown out to Long Island for the game.  Perhaps he should hop on a plane and take circles around the skies of Pittsburgh before every home game.  

The Pens' power play was once again their strong point, converting twice on four attempts.  There were far too many penalties on the Pens tonight, but the Pens' PK unit held the Isles to only one goal on nine attempts.

Marian Hossa, Pascal Dupuis and Hal Gill join the team Thursday night against the Bruins.