Tales of the Tape: vs. New York Islanders 2/26/08

It was a pretty big day for the Pens, wasn't it?  You have an amazing trade deadline deal topped with a 4-2 win over the Islanders.  Wouldn't a great fight just complete it?  You're in luck.

How would you celebrate Connor James' first career NHL goal late in the third period?  If you're anything like Tyler Kennedy, you'd drop the gloves with Mike Comrie and have a hell of a fight (17:03, 3rd period).  I don't see someone with Kennedy's "flail with both arms" technique very often, but it worked for him.  He landed some solid shots, as did Comrie with his return flurry.  The two went back and forth with Kennedy doing sort of a swooping motion.  I was afraid he'd suffer when he let go of Comrie's jersey early, but he brought it back and got more hits in before pulling the jersey up and bringing down.  A hard-fought victory for Kennedy in one awesome fight.

To my knowledge, this is Kennedy's first NHL fight.

Tyler Kennedy - 1 fight (1-0-0)

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