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A Brief on Gill - From Pension Plan Puppets

PPP from the Toronto Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets was kind enough to give a brief insight on what Pens fans can expect from former Leaf turned Penguin Hal Gill.

Lumbering.  That word was invented to describe his skating style. However, Gill uses every inch of his reach to his advantage. On the PK he uses his size and reach to cut off passes acoss the crease very well. His best games came against Jaromir Jagr when he was used as a shutdown defender.

He keeps things simple. If he lines up with Gonchar (which I have seen suggested) you'll probably laugh at how often his first pass will be to Sergei so that he can break it out.

The Pens have picked up a very solid defenceman and hopefully he can play a part in beating Montreal or Ottawa in the playoffs.

Hossa may be the sexier pickup but I think Gill will have the bigger impact.