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Big Week for the Birds

Big week coming up for the flightless birds - three divisional games in seven days.  When you consider their 6-11-1 division record and current fight for the survival in the standings, every win is going to count.  Perhaps the single, biggest period of the season holding the Pens back in the standings, aside from the obvious injuries, occurred back in November when the Pens posted a 5-8-1 record.  Six of those eight losses came from divisional games, while the OT loss came via the Rangers.  No other month for the remainder of the season will hold as many division games as November did.

But that's not to say it's all for none.  

The Pens have showed on more than one occasion that they are capable of surviving, thanks in part to the depth of their scoring and the performance of their goaltending.  

The Pens are 2-0 at the Prudential Center this season, and are looking to make it 3-0 with a win tonight.  But to be honest, it's not the Devils game that has me worried.  And frankly, the Flyers on Sunday don't have me all that worried either.  It's actually more focused on the Flyers on Sunday AFTER the Kings on Saturday.  Statistically speaking, the Pens haven't faired all too well in back-to-back games this season to start with.  Throw in the Flyers, who hold the season edge at 4-0, and suddenly it's all the more difficult.

Maybe the adrenaline of taking on the Flyers in front of the home crowd can help numb the soreness of the Kings game from the night before.  Perhaps the rage of a rivalry and the broadcast on NBC will fire them up even more.

Either way, the general public is in for a show on Sunday.  Is Downie going to pursue Laraque?  Is Cote going to attack Laraque?  Is anyone capable of beating Laraque?

We'll find out soon enough.  Until then, Pens vs Devils tonight at 7:00 in Jersey.