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Sid and Gary - Whit and Therrien

Good news for the team and Pens fans alike - both Sid and Gary Roberts were back on the ice for some skating warm-ups the other day.  Doctors were adamant on the fact Sid is simply warming up, and that it will in no way speed up his recovery process.  While Roberts is due back before the end of the month, Sid is still looking at March 15th at the earliest.  

Following the public flagging Therrien gave Ryan Whitney after the Devils loss on Tuesday, many believed and expected Whitney to be a healthy scratch for tonight's game against the Islanders.  However, it would almost seem Therrien has had a change of heart.

"Of course he is going to play.  I thought (Whitney), last game, could have been better. But there is no doubt that he is a big part of the success we've had."

Michel Therrien

For those who think it may still be a subtle move to eventually work Whitney out of the line-up, Therrien added:

"Goligoski is not here to replace Ryan Whitney.  We like to have seven defensemen. It is just a coincidence, believe me on that."

Michel Therrien

Believe him on that.

Whitney has no doubt been under-producing this season.  That is, when you compare to last season's numbers.  In 81 games last season, Whitney tallied 59 points (14-45).  In 49 games this year, he's notched only 24 (9-15).  He's more or less on track for a 41 point season.