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Penguins 4 Islanders 3 - Pens Tie for First in Atlantic

Well the Pens are tied for first again - surprise, surprise.  This is going to be a rotating door for the next few weeks of the season.  Perhaps mentioning it in a headline is pointless.

Ok, I'm typing out loud again.

Does Michel Therrien know what he's doing or what?  I doubted him - oh did I doubt him, when he turned around and publicly accused Ryan Whitney of slacking off last game.  I did consider his attempts at threatening Whitney's play time, perhaps even in attempts to motivate him.  But man, does he know what he's doing.

Ryan Whitney played like a man possessed.  He was hungrier for the puck than Star Jones at a buffet line.  Scoring, passing, checking - the guy was the complete package.  For the first time this year Ryan Whitney played to his full potential.

And yet, the Pens still almost lost.  Thankfully the 3-3 tie in the third was broken by Whitney's fellow blueliner Kris Letang, whose amazing shot from the corner boards found its way past DiPietro with under five minutes remaining in the game.  Similar to Mike Comrie's goal earlier in the third, all one could muster up audibly was a hearty "whaaaat?"

Conklin couldn't have played better hockey in the dying minutes of the game.  He wanted the win, the two points for the team, and he sure as hell wasn't giving up a goal with the extra skater on.  Thankfully the refs' whistle saved him from a near-die situation with less than five seconds remaining.  Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the first period goal he allowed.  In attempts to wander out of the net for the puck, an Islander beat him to the puck, offering up a centering pass to Mike Comrie who simply had to hit the open net.  To quote countless open thread comments : "STAY IN THE NET CONKLIN."

Ryan Malone came up big again for the Pens to net his 16 goal of the season and third consecutive game with a goal.  The Pittsburgh native has really been the one to offer the wake-up call for the otherwise silent forwards.  

Max Talbot got into a bit of a scuffle in the first with the Islanders' Mike Comrie.  Check out Dunman's coverage on the fight in yet another healthy installment of Tales of the Tape - Pens vs Islanders edition.  You can also view Dunman's diaries at any time by clicking on the links to the right of the page.  Anyone can read them, but you have to be a member to read his diaries on high school crushes, teen angst and why Sally won't go to the prom with him.  

Just kidding - anyone can read and comment on his diaries, regardless of the topic.

Lots of power coming from the Pens' blue line tonight and rightfully so.  A solid performance from the otherwise silent Ryan Whitney.  Not to mention Letang finally shooting the puck and Malone offering up some help in front of the net on a Whitney shot-assist.

Nice win.

Next game is Saturday against the Kings at 1:00.