Tales of the Tape: vs. Los Angeles Kings 2/9/08

I know I usually post these things the day after a game, so please excuse me for not waiting.  In the Pens' winning effort over the Kings, a fight broke out...and you'll never guess who it was or what period it was in.

Big Georges Laraque broke double digits in his number of fights this season by taking on Raitis Ivanans at 7:21 in the 1st period (go figure).  This isn't the first time the two have met, and I'm actually tempted to post one from 2006, as it is a more interesting fight.  The two start out good, but then quickly goes to being Ivanas apparently showing how much he appreciates Laraque by giving him a nice hug.  Humor ensues when Laraque shrugs to the linesmen and ends with Ivanans getting the takedown.

Had the takedown not occurred as it did, I would have given it hands down to Laraque, but still I'm going to nudge him up on this one because I have never seen such a motion take place during a fight - and all those hits he landed, causing Ivanans head to go bobbing around.

Georges Laraque - 10 fights (7-0-3)

Tomorrow is a game against the Flyers who had four fights in today's loss against Rangers.  I would say that maybe they're worn out from fighting...but I know better, so it looks like we may see some more tomorrow.

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