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Penguins 4, Senators 5 - Penguins Fall in Two Straight

The Penguins fell to the Senators for the second time in seven days by the score of 5-4 before the eyes of the Ottawa faithful.  The Penguins lost their second straight game, while Ottawa broke their three-game losing streak.  Oddly enough, their last win came again Pittsburgh last Saturday.

When watching the Sens and Pens play, one can't help but reminice on the 2006-07 playoff run. If there was ever a chance to send a message, then the best way would be with a winning record over Ottawa for the season.

But alas, that is not the case.

Saturday's game marked the last time both teams will face one another during regular season play.  Ottawa walked away with the season winning record of 3-1-1.  

Once again the Penguins were one win away from claiming a potential tie for the Conference lead, and once again the Penguins buckled under the pressure.  

It's hard to say any game at this point in the season (and standings) is a must-win situation, but it's safe to say tomorrow's game against Atlanta poses as such.  The Rangers, Flyers and Islanders have all started winning games again.  To drop three in a row would certainly improve the chances of division rivals working their way up the standings.

Mark Recchi, Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen make their homecoming debut tomorrow in Pittsburgh.  Puck drops at 3:00.