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Hossa Update - Input on Esposito

Pittsburgh papers are reporting that Marian Hossa has been working out regularly with Gary Roberts and should be ready some time this week.  When you consider the Pens only have two games in the next seven days (Sabres on Wednesday, Flyers on Sunday) fans can at least expect to see Hossa's return in either the next game or game after.

In other news, The Hockey News released a special edition focusing on the top 50 prospects from the 2007 draft.  Topping the list is Carey Price, which hits me as no surprise considering the tightness he brings to the pants of every staff writer for THN.  Amazingly, he also appeals to 21 NHL scouts who helped compile this list.  

Kyle Turris (Phoenix) and James van Riemsdyk (Philly) fill out the top three.  Nowhere on the list will you see the name of Penguins first round pick Angelo Esposito.  

Now, THN isn't exactly the say-all be-all in the world of hockey, but I'm merely taking the list as a matter of reference.  If Team Canada cuts him three years straight, the Pens trade him, 21 scouts ignored him and the staff of THN agrees he isn't worthy of the top 50, then perhaps there wasn't much lost in the Thrashers/Penguins trade.  (next to this year's first round pick.)

Which brings me to my next point - and I'd like to credit Killer93 for pointing this out, but Pittsburgh doesn't have a pick until the fourth round in the upcoming draft.  When you consider their recent history of number one picks and top ten prospects, it may almost seem comparable.

Time will only tell and it's based solely on Espo's performance.  He may very well amount to a phenomenal player.  After all, Detroit selected Pavel Datsyuk 171st overall back in 1998 and look at what he's accomplished.

I for one just find it interesting that Esposito and the Rangers 1st round pick Alexei Cherepanov were both at one point fighting for the potential number one draft spot.  Neither of them went in the first ten picks and both have dropped significantly in rankings since draft day.  However, it is worth mentioning, that Cherepanov found his way into the number 19 slot on the top 50 prospects list.