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When You Hate Being Right - Sid's Out

Looks like Sidney Crosby is set to be a scratch for tonight's game against the Sabres.  "Ankle pain" has been rooted as the reason, now putting him alongside fellow hobbler Max Talbot.  As I suggested on other sites, perhaps the NHL can allow a one-legged race for the Penguins.  Tie up Sid's bad leg with Talbot's bad leg and let them go from there.  Of course, they'd run the risk of messing up the healthy one - so maybe that's a bad idea altogether.

At first questionable for tonight's game, Petr Sykora has mentioned he's considering playing through the back pains to get through the emergency injuries in the roster.  What a guy.

I'm sure many Penguins fans can agree - they hate being right.  I just hope this also doesn't risk the ankle of Fleury...