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Penguins vs Flyers Open Thread

Pittsburgh Penguins (40-24-7) vs Philadelphia Flyers (35-27-9)
In Pittsburgh at 12:00pm
Watch on FSN/Center Ice or listen live at

Sorry for putting this up a day early, but I have a whole bunch of crap doing on late Saturday into early Sunday and I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it otherwise.

Should be around for the game though - wouldn't want to miss a Flyers/Pens match-up.

As you may already know, Sid is out and Sykora is questionable.  Talbot is expected back for the Pens, while Mike Richards is back for the Flyers.

Keep in mind Philly is still hurting and desperate for a playoff spot, so they're going to come out firing.  The lowly Maple Leafs were capable of taming them in a home and home series early this week, but similar to the Pens their injured players are starting to make their way back around again.

This promo banner on struck me as both sad and funny:

Sad because it's not true; funny because NBC put so much emphasis on him that they now look like fools.