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Penguins vs Devils Open Thread - 3-25-08

Pittsburgh Penguins (42-26-7) vs New Jersey Devils (42-25-7)
In New Jersey at 7pm
Watch on FSN/Center Ice or listen live at

Sid's out for another one, while MAF gets the nod in net for tonight's game in Newark.  Both teams are coming off tough losses and won't be comfortable giving up another one.  Pitt was surprisingly beat down by the Islanders yesterday, while New Jersey had to pull their future Hall of Fame netminder Marty Brodeur in a 7-1 loss to the Pens Saturday night.

If the Pens win they open their division lead to four points over the Devils.  If NJ wins - well, we have yet another tie for the lead.  

The Rangers and Flyers play tonight and you almost have to hope for the lesser of two evils.  It pains me to say I'm rooting for the Flyers, but if you're concerned for the well-being of the Penguins you kind of have to.  Worst case scenario is the game goes to OT and both teams earn a point.  The unfortunate circumstance is that Henrik Lundqvist is a demon against the Flyers.

I'll be calling in for the game recap tonight, as I will be attending this one in the ghettos of NJ.  Should I not return from one of my most despised arenas in all of hockey (amazing since it's the newest one huh?), it was fun serving the Penguins community.