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Penguins vs Islanders Open Thread 3-27-08

Pittsburgh Penguins (44-26-7) vs New York Islanders (34-36-7)
In Pittsburgh at 7:30 PM
Watch on FSN/Center Ice or listen at

Sid's back tonight and hopefully for good.  The much anticipated Hossa/Crosby combo will finally come to fruition.  You can speculate lines all you want, but I don't have a doubt in my mind that Michel Therrien is going to mix it up through the course of the night.  

Pascal Dupuis is also due back after taking the last two games off to welcome in the new addition to his family.  Dupuis/Crosby/Hossa line??

In either case, keep your eyes open tonight.  This is what the playoffs will look like.  


Mix it up any way you want - it's still a deadly batch of players.

Expect MAF in net coming off the shutout.  Depending on Therrien's approach to tonight's game (ie: priorities since already claiming a playoff spot) we may see Conklin.  However, something tells me Therrien is shooting for the conference and won't risk the chance of losing it.  Add in Conklin's poor performance against the Isles earlier this week and Fleury may just be the better option.