Tales of the Tape: vs. New York Islanders 3/27/08

It feels like forever since I did one of these, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess.  Be warned though, in a game where Georges Laraque gets two points (not PIM, mind you) and Petr Sykora gets in a fight, you may feel like you've just entered Bizarro World.  Prepare for a two-fer!

Two fights broke out in the second period of the Pens' win against the Islanders from two guys that aren't particularly known for their brawling prowess.  First up was Petr Sykora who pulled Miroslav "It's Not Pronounced That Way" Satan away from a Penguins/Islanders exchange for a bit of scrapping (8:35) - but this one was odd.  At first, the two began to trade blows with their gloves on, and after the gloves were finally gone, nothing.  Just dancing until the linesmen pulled it away.  I went looking, and this - to my knowledge - was Petr Sykora's first fight ever.  How about that?  Anyway, he skated to the box with a draw for his efforts.

About eight minutes later (16:36), another fight broke out between Darryl Sydor and Tim "Don't Call Me Hugh" Jackman.  This one didn't go so well, as Sydor only got a few weak taps in before the fight ended with a powerful hit to the side of his head.  It wasn't a knockout, but you can tell that it shook Sydor up.  Ah well - it is the effort that counts.

Petr Sykora - 1 fight (0-0-1)
Darryl Sydor - 2 fights (0-2-0)

And since it's been a gap since I've covered a fight, let me finally take the moment to say 'Woo!  Playoffs!'  That is all.

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