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Hossa OK, Beech to Return

Dunman's Tales of the Tape vs Islanders.

Marian Hossa, who left the game after a mid-ice collision with an Islander Thursday night, is expected to play tomorrow against the Rangers.  Initial thought would lead one to believe both He and Sid are just not meant to play alongside one another.  Well, that was silenced.

Montreal beat Buffalo in overtime last night to gain the two points and reclaim their seed as the top team in the East.  With only four games remaining for each team, every win is crucial.

Kris Beech is almost on his way back to the lineup.  After dealing with visa problems at the border, only to appear in four games with the Pens before suffering a broken wrist, it looks like his return is close coming.

"It's getting stronger every day, and it's feeling pretty good.  I feel like I can do everything I did before. I just have to talk to the doctor and see what he thinks."

Kris Beech
Pittsburgh Trib-Review

I'd elect to say his return would bring the demotion of Connor James - but it's a wait and see scenario.

Pitt vs Rangers, tomorrow on NBC.  Puck drops at 12:30 - and I'm sure it'll be followed by a golf match or NASCAR race, as seems to be the habit with that network.