Tales of the Tape: vs. Ottawa Senators 3/1/08

A day behind schedule - sorry guys!  

Towards the end of the 1st period (17:38) in Saturday's game, Sergei Gonchar got blasted into the boards by Antoine Vermette, and Maxime Talbot came in for the save.  Just a few seconds later, another hit on Gonchar and Talbot was ready to go.  As far as fights go, this one wasn't too exciting (the commentators start talking about Vermette's haircut!) but Max definitely got the better shots in, including one to the head that visibly shakes up Vermette.  Way to go, Max - you got your first win of the season!

Maxime Talbot - 3 fights (1-1-1)

And with it comes the victory dance - with Marian Hossa now standing in for Colby Armstrong!  We'll miss you, Colby.

Good find, Frank!

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