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Sid Back Tonight

There must've been a reason why Sid was traveling with the team - he wanted to play.  Despite rumors of his return slated for Sunday night, Sidney Crosby fired off a preemptive strike on the media with his expected and announced return tonight in Tampa.

Ironically enough (or perhaps intentionally planned) Sid returns against the team he last played against before going down with a high ankle sprain.  The Pens were ultimately shut-out by the Bolts 3-0.

So now Sid and Geno are back in the lineup together, which potentially may break up the number one power play unit for the Pens.  Expect Malone to shift to the second PP unit working alongside Jeff Taffe and Jordan Staal.

Now all Pens fans have to wait for is Hossa's return, also expected for Sunday.

In the mean time, check out this article on Kukla's Corner.  Evgeni Malkin answers media questions while using Sergei Gonchar as his interpreter.  Definitely worth the read.