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Penguins vs Capitals Open Thread

Pittsburgh Penguins (38-24-7) vs Washington Capitals (32-29-8)
In Washington at 1pm
Watch on NBC

Sidvechkin meet up for the last time of the season, and with the way Washington has been playing lately there's a chance it can happen in the playoffs as well.  Of course, last night the Caps lost 2-1 to Boston so there's always the "might not."  Especially even more so when you consider Washington would practically have to win the rest of their games to make it.

So yeah - maybe not.

Perhaps the best part about this game is NBC's pushing of Malkin vs Ovechkin over Crosby vs Ovechkin.  When you think about it, it just seems right.  Russian vs Russian, former roommates, star-crossed lovers - you get the picture.  Now they face off once again and it aint gonna be pretty.

Therrien announced on Saturday that we'll see MAF in net, but game-time decisions do happen.  Definitely going to see Ovechkin vs Malkin and maybe Sid will show up to play.  

The Pens lead the series 2-1.  If you combine all of the goals in all three appearances then the Pens would be leading 11-10.  Case and point: expect some goalage.

Puck drops at 1pm.