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The Day After

Following the game one win, I figured we could see how Sens fans are reacting to the loss.  Apparently they're not all taking it too well, especially that waste of oxygen Don Brennan.  Read on...

First off, thanks to PPP from Pension Plan Puppetsfor bringing this first gem to my attention.

If there was ever doubt in Ottawa's fan loyalty, perhaps this will help shed some light on the subject.  Apparently tickets are still available for games three and four in Ottawa.

Before last night's series opener in Pittsburgh, approximately 1,000 tickets remained for games in Ottawa next Monday and Wednesday. Another 2,000 remain for what would be Game 6, if the best-of-seven series goes that far, at Scotiabank Place on April 20. - Full Article

This one really exemplifies the overall confidence from the fans.  Perhaps this is the shared mentality of those who choose not to fill the seats at Scotia Bank.

You know, I expected the boys to lose. In fact I expected them to be steam rolled but I was sort of maybe hoping that they would not be shutout by a goaltender they've been so bleeding successful against before.

Scarlett Ice

Amidst all of the negative there is still the hopeful fan base.  These are the ones who had the box office number on speed dial the day they went on sale.

I still think the Sens have a shot to split this series in game two.

Sens Army Blog

And then there's the ones who, similar to Don Brennan, make verbal wanted posters for players on the other team.

If Jarko Ruutu is making me wish he'd been aborted as a freshly conceived zygote, then he's doing his job. But still. I want him dead. I want his whole family, dead.

Five for Smiting

[EDIT] I was just advised by Paul from Five For Smiting that this was a reference to the movie Untouchables.  While the targeting of Ruutu may not be the nicest thing, the obscure movie reference definitely gets him Pensburgh props.  I would have also accepted anything from Casino, Goodfellas or an obscure reference to In Living Color.  Apologies for the Don Brennan comparison - that was low.[/EDIT]

And last but certainly not least, Don Brennan trying to be funny by once again insulting the Penguins and their fans.  What's so great is, even is own coworkers think he's a tool.

If you're going to buy one of those limited viewing seats right behind a bench, you should at least show you're bright enough to rhyme. That had to be the thinking of the fan sitting just over Bryan Murray's shoulder as he/she (it's sometimes hard to tell the difference here) held up the sign "Cryin' Bryan." That's clever, or whatever.

Ottawa Sun

Here's the pic he was talking about:

Preview to come tomorrow.  I'll see if I can find a Senators fan willing to give me their two cent preview for game 2.  If you just happen to be reading this and ARE a Senators fan, then leave a comment with your e-mail info and I'll hit you up.