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A Pre-Game Letter From a Senators Fan

It looks like some Senators fans took offense to the loss on Wednesday night.  Either that, or they took offense to my previous post.  In any case, Pensburgh received a letter of love from Lost Cojones, a Senators fan at Five for Smiting.  I guess missing an Untouchables reference was really a touchy subject (buh dum tis - lame).

Dear Pittsburgh,

Gary Roberts did you no favours.  While you may revel in your utter domination in Game 1 (and I will freely admit, that is what exactly what was [sic]), what Roberts did at the end of that game by cheap shotting a rookie with a minute left in a 4-0 game then "challenging" the Senators while hiding behind three officials, may well have served to do what we, ourselves have been unable to do since early December, namely wake the giant.

The consensus in Ottawa is that we weren't anywhere near as physical as we have to be to win this series, and light years away from the team that literally beat you into submission last year.  I have a feeling that may change.  And all because of a Gary.  So buckle up, this series starts tonight.

Senators Lost Cojones
Five For Smiting

He may go by the name Lost Cojones, but he definitely has a pair to think Ottawa is going to take game two.  Pensburgh responded in kind.  You may see it posted here.

Anyone else out there in Senator land care to step up?

The victory tonight will silence you once again.  Maybe after two losses you guys will get it...