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The Ottawa Sun - Feces in Print

Last week I took my dog out for a walk.  Being the good and respectable neighbor that I am, I was sure to bring newspaper and a plastic bag with me to pick up his 'business.'  The newspaper was nothing more than just the discarded section of the Classifieds.  However once my dog's feces spread over the ink, the paper magically transformed into a sports section and every single article had a Don Brennan byline.  I then realized how the Ottawa Sun prints their paper.

If Don Brennan's stupidity in writing wasn't already enough, Georges Laraque was sure to tell him to his face.  

"You wanted me to call you stupid to your face?," Laraque said to me. "You're stupid."

Don Brennan
Ottawa Sun

His reply?

Big Georges has absolutely no idea how psycho crazy I get when somebody says I'm stupid. Hundreds have paid an ugly price. Call me anything but.

Don Brennan
Ottawa Sun


Big Georges challenged DB (ironic initials huh?) to a cage match.  Brennan declined.  So then Laraque offered to tie both hands behind his back and fight on his knees.  Brennan declined when he was advised by a fellow journalist Laraque would still headbutt.

I guess Brennan will just have to accept he's stupid.

Full article here

It's not good journalism, or even intelligent and/or funny diatribes, but it sure has been fun identifying his ego for a paper in the Great White North.  He acts like people care.

I'm going to miss it when the Pens stomp out the Senators.  

But I can always read his work the next time I take my dog for a walk.

Moving on...

"I didn't know who was punching me, but I knew that I took quite a few in the back of the head. I was trying to get an arm free but it didn't happen." Told he was surrounded by four Senators, Roberts said: "That's okay. That's good, as long as Georges is out there with me."

Gary Roberts
Ottawa Sun

I've been saying it all week and I'm going to say it again here.  Roberts vs Schubert.  If not tonight, then definitely before this series is over.  If refs didn't get involved it would've happened Wednesday night.  

But then I think - Roberts had two goals.  Perhaps he should stay out of the box.

But the Penguins still would've won 2-0.

Open thread up before game time...