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Penguins vs Senators - Game 2 Open Thread

Game 2
In Pittsburgh at 7pm
Pittsburgh leads the series 1-0
Watch on FSN Yahoo! or listen live on

Gotta give a big ups to Ottawa's Anton Volchenkov.  He'll be suited up for the Sens tonight after taking a puck to the head from a Malkin shot Wednesday.  Knowing his team can't afford another injury, Volchenkov manned up and will take to the ice tonight.

If I were an Ottawa journalist, this is where I'd say something like "hack him in the face" or "go for the headshot."  But I'm more respectable than that and frankly believe in sportsmanship.

I don't know if there's a single thing I can say that hasn't been said. There are a lot of fans who are just waiting for the Sens to explode and play like we all know they can; the loss in game one had less to do with Pittsburgh's play as it did with Ottawa's continued struggles. We're just waiting for some sign that this team has some of the magic we witnessed in last year's run left.

Sens Army

That quote says it all.  I know it's only Game 2, but if Ottawa wants to prove they're still in this they'll have to win tonight.  I know it, you know it and frankly Ottawa knows it.  Expect the Senators to come out firing tonight.  That first power play unit may even look like an entirely different team, so preferably Pitt will take less penalties tonight and not give the Sens a chance to use it.

In case you weren't fortunate to get tickets for the series, then don't let that stop you from living in the moment.  Our friends at had this great video of the arena's display prior to Game 1.

(I'll take it down after the first period for a quick page load)

Do it in Game Two Pens...