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Shall They Sweep?

Wednesday night may officially mark the end for the first of eight playoff series.  While a sweep is entirely feasible, do the Sens really have anything to fight for?  It's safe to say a good 75% of their fans have proclaimed the team to be 'doomed' since Game One, while others still rooting for the Sens are proposing bleak outlooks at best.

Whether you root for the black and gold or the red and black, one thing is understood: this series is over.  When the Penguins lost to the Senators last year in Ottawa, it too was understood.  Sometimes you can just look at a team and know "These guys are good."  Of all fans in the league, I'd imagine Ottawa fans to know this.  After all, Ottawa fans watched their team take it all the way last year before falling short in the finals.  I'm sure there were no regrets; unless of course they really would have preferred a higher draft pick in exchange for a lower elimination.

The Ottawa Sun posted an interesting article Wednesday voicing the thoughts and concerns of Senators fans.  Check it out here

And of course, Pensburgh once again shared thoughts and concerns (just kidding) about the series with SLC from Five for Smiting.  His letter to the fans of Pittsburgh is below.  You can read mine here.

To Our Flightless Bird Overlords,

First, let me get this out of the way.  We're sorry.  We're really, really, really, REALLY sorry.  On behalf of all right thinking Sens fans, I can assure you that had we know what the pin heads in the marketing department had planned for the opening, everyone within three sections of that door would have gang tackled Pillsbury Dough-Boy before he had gotten anywhere near the ice surface.  Seriously.  That ridiculous vaudeville act will be haunting my dreams for a long time to come.

Now then, to business.  The last time I looked, it took four wins to clinch a series.  You's see...carry the four...divide by Pi...less than that.  "But only two teams have ever come back from 3-0!"  Yeah, and?  "It hasn't been done in thirty years!"  What is your point, exactly?

Why not us?  Sure, it will take a superhuman effort by a wounded superstar, a bunch of scrubs and a couple of wide eyed rookies.  And sure, in order to do it we're going to have to figure out a way to stop Sid...and Malkin.  And Malone. (wait, what??).  But other than that...WHY THE HELL CAN'T IT BE...

Awwww, forget it.  I've kept up the brave face as long as I can, but really, who am I kidding?  This one's over.  We're done.  We can't beat a quadriplegic crash test dummy.  Girl Guides call us their bitches and throw cookies at us.  I'm pretty sure my dog peed on my jersey this morning.

So do me a favour will you?  When you go to Mellon to get your refunds for your Game 5 tickets, hoist a pint for me, will you?  Enjoy the ride folks, no matter how far it takes you.  As I'm beginning to figure out, these things don't come around nearly as often as you think they should.

Glove taps,