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Penguins vs Senators - Game 4 Open Thread

Game 4
In Ottawa at 7pm
Pittsburgh leads the series 3-0
Watch on FSN, Yahoo! or listen live on

Let's see if they do this again:

This really got the Senators going the other night.  Not many people know, but Ottawa spent six figures on this guy in attempts to have a genuine warrior whose bloodline links to at least one member of the Spartans.

How that ties into the role of a Senator I'll never know.  For the record, I'd also accept the same intro only with the Senator/Spartan jamming the sword directly into his chest as an acting interpretation of what this series has been like for Ottawa.  Now that's entertainment.

So here we are in Game Four.  Can it be a sweep?  Again I say, confidence and cockiness would say yes, but rational thought always embeds the 'maybe' into the scene.  Perhaps the history of the Penguins and 3-0 series leads is a bit tainted (1975 - lost four straight to the Islanders), but I tend to think the team is in good shape.

Don Brennan, the Ottawa Sun columnist who has over the course of the past two weeks publicly displayed a 'Wanted Dead' poster for Sidney's ankle, picked a fight with Laraque and continuously pretended he still has faith in the team, has since conceded defeat.

However Brennan's Ottawa Sun counterpart has dug himself into the same pile of BS that Brennan occasionally surfaces from.  Chris Stevenson believes in the "33" curse, a mathematical flub that wouldn't hold up in court or in Vegas for even the most compulsive gambler.

Every 33 years, right?

That's the span between the only two times in NHL history that teams have come back to win a best-of-seven series after being down 3-0.

You get the sense these Penguins, unlike their 1975 predecessors, aren't thinking they've got these Senators "whipped."

Time might be on the Senators' side if you believe the 33-year thing. Not much else is.

Chris Stevenson - Ottawa Sun

It's just hysterical to me how a writer for the newspaper IN the city of Ottawa could find a farce like this that would, in normal standards, at least inspire hope into the hearts of the fan base and then turn around and say "time may be on their side, but nothing else is."  Full story here

Pens in 4.