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The Center Ice Handshake

Keeping with the same tradition as playoff teams, SLC from Five for Smiting and I have decided to do our own version of a center ice handshake.  Since this is done merely in e-mail/letter form, we unfortunately can't hang this up in the Five for Smiting locker room next season.  

Or...can we?

Here is SLC's final farewell for the series.  You can read mine at Five for Smiting.

Hey PensBurghers,

Congratulations on an utterly dominant (and entirely deserved) sweep (damn that hurts). While I wish we had managed to at least win a home game, this series was decided the day the playoff seedings were set.  Seriously, ask Frank.  I may have talked a good game, but deep down I knew we were screwed.

When we beat you in five last year, my first thought after that series, was "Holy crap.  We were way to lucky.  They are going to be scary good for a long time".  No, really!  It was.  And this series proved it.

Do I think you have a team that can win it all?  Sorry folks, but not yet.  For one, there isn't a single team in the Eastern Conference that can beat the unholy triad of San Jose/Anaheim/Detroit in the Finals.  That's just the way it is.  But secondly (and most important) the Kiddie Korps needs to learn how to lose before they can win.

I've heard many comparisons (at least on this side of the border) between your Penguins and the Oiler teams of the early Eighties.  And those comparisons are entirely valid.  Both teams were very young and very very talented. But those Oilers lost and lost badly in their first Finals appearance (4-1 Isles).  But they learned their lessons.  Then they used those lessons to run off four straight titles.

I guess my point is, Pittsburgh, get very excited by this team.  Crosby, Malkin, Malone, Staal, Fleury... While the wildcard is the salary cap, with that core, you will be a royal pain in our backsides for many, many years to come.  Not that I would bet the house on any more sweeps if I were you.

Good luck in the next round!


Senators Lost Cojones
Five For Smiting.

You'll probably see this commercial running on VERSUS during the course of the playoffs.  Ruuuuuutuuuuu has a cameo appearance.

Also, updated stats to come tomorrow.  YAWN/STRETCH I figured the team has the week off.  No need to rush.