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Penguins Take Atlantic With 4-2 Romp Over Philly

Philly fans protested this to be a dive...

We all know the Flyers and their fans are notorious for classless and thoughtless excuses.  So in light of that, and in honor of some of the genuine creativity behind some of these real gems, tonight's recap comes complete with unofficial (but highly likely) Philly retort.

The Penguins charged past the Flyers thanks in part to four power-play goals.  Crosby had two of his own, while Malkin and Gonchar each added a tally with the man advantage.

Philly fan says: What - you can't score when the sides are even?

Common sense says: At least one team could capitalize on the power play opportunities.

Jarkko Ruutu and Georges Laraque provided the much needed muscle against the highly physical and playoff hungry Philly squad.  Each had their share of time in the box, while Laraque also traded off fighting majors with Riley Cote early in the first.

Philly fan says: Cote totally won that fight.

Common sense says: No he didn't.

Philly's Scotty Hartnell was all over Sidney Crosby throughout the night.  Cheap shots after the whistle, full-on gloved punches to the face and high-sticks were common place.  Hartnell wound up pretty bloodied up as the night progressed, thanks in part to a surprisingly physical presence from Sergei Gonchar.

Philly fan says: Hartnell plays hard.  Crosby only gets what's coming to him.  The NHL is protecting "Cindy" Crosby.

Common sense says: Hartnell does play hard, but he also plays dirty.  HE is actually the one who got what was coming to him, as did the Philly team as a whole.  

Marc-Andre Fleury was phenomenal in net yet again, after starting off in what seemed like a somewhat shaky first.  As a complimentary note to the Flyers, the first goal that did beat MAF was a really pretty play.  The cross-ice pass from Brierre to Hartnell was unreal.  As the game wore on, Fleury's play improved and even saved the game on some outstanding chances for the Flyers.

Philly fan says: Marty was just having a bad night for the third straight time against the Penguins.  The Flyers are so well trained they try to shoot THROUGH Fleury's glove.

Common sense says: Biron will not take the Flyers to the promised land.  At this rate the Flyers will be lucky to make the playoffs.  

Adam Hall was present on the ice for the first time since hernia surgery.  Aside from winning a few faceoffs, that was the extent of it.  Kris Beech is expected to return as well, probably right around playoff time.

Philly fan says: Who?  Big deal.

Common sense says: Exactly.

The Penguins' victory not only clinched the division for the Penguins but also kept Philly teetering on the fine line of playoff elimination.  Pittsburgh ends the season on Sunday in Philly, while the Flyers have a game with Jersey in between this past meeting and the next.  Pittsburgh's quest for the Conference title comes down to not only their performance towards the end of the season, but also that of the Montreal Canadiens.  The Canadiens have two games remaining and are currently two points behind Pittsburgh who has one game left on the schedule.

Philly fan says: Yeah, but Philly won the first four games against Pittsburgh.  At least they did their part to stop the Penguins from winning the conference.  Besides, Philly still has a good chance of making the playoffs.

Common sense says: Yes they did, but look who has the guarantee and look who is fighting for their playoff lives.  The conference is not out of reach for the Penguins.  The playoffs may in fact be out of reach for Philly.