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And still they wait...

Perhaps patience will be the Penguins' best virtue as the weekend continues to roll on without any definite answer to the team's second round opponent.  Washington beat Philly (series 3-2 Philly), Boston beat Montreal (3-3 tie) and the Rangers are relaxing after a series win in Jersey Friday night.

Sean Avery, a man who needs no introduction, has certainly made headlines in the past month of his worthless existence.  First the rumor spread of his involvement with a prostitution ring, whereby his name, number and $500 expense receipt were allegedly on file in a black book.  Weeks later, Avery finds himself in the news once again for waving his hands and stick in the face of Brodeur like a complete idiot.  

The day after this incident, the NHL announces a rule change barring such actions.  Rangers fans, pompous as ever, found it hysterical that they 'made' the rule around Avery.  Sensible hockey fans and even the upper echelons of hockeydom laughed as well.  No one thought of applying this rule sooner because no one expected a player to act like this.  In actuality, this rule wasn't MADE for Avery, it was just dusted off from the realm of common sense and finally applied after years of referees uttering 'that will never happen.'

And finally, Avery finds himself in the papers once again for offering his hand to an unappreciative Brodeur in the post-series handshake.  After saying it was classless of Brodeur to ignore his shake, Avery replied in kind with a classless comment of his own, calling Brodeur "fatso."  

With still no designated opponent for the second round, the Penguins may be weighing out their options.  Ideally, the second round would bring Boston.  I suppose in order of success of the regular season it would be an order along the lines of: Washington, Boston, New York.  

In any case, the Penguins will have a better idea on Monday when a winner is guaranteed from the Boston/Montreal series.  The Washington/Philly one - well, that's still up in the air.