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Gary's Good to Go + Pens Tickets...Can You Get Em?

Word around the Penguins camp today suggests that although Gary Roberts didn't skate with the team this weekend he'll be good to go for game one, round two.  This makes the sweep all the better, and these seven games series even more appetizing for the injured Roberts.  Pittsburgh may find out tonight for sure who their first round opponent is, should Boston take down Montreal in game seven.  Should Montreal win, the Penguins will have to wait on the results of the Philly/Washington game.  If Montreal wins AND Philly wins it draws New York in round two.  

I could keep going with the whole prospect thing, but I think I've beaten that down to no end.  I'll choose to go with the wait and see approach now.  Also worth mentioning : Mark Eaton may be healthy and ready to play if (when) the Penguins move onto the next round.  His crucial shot blocking would add a huge boost to an already dominant defensive core powered by the likes of Brooks Orpik and once skeptical but now solidified trade deadline acquisition Hal Gill.

Unless you were one of the fortunate ones to claim a pair of playoff tickets within the first ten minutes they went on sale, chances are you don't have any.  Guess you're out for the playoffs, right?


The site is called The owner Dave Pierce contacted me the other day to tell me tickets still exist and to offer exclusive deals for Pensburgh users.

Here's the info he supplied me with:

Tickets range from $150 in Section E to $530 in the Igloo Club for this series.  Tickets are mailed out either the same day or the next day and the buyer has the option of 2nd Day delivery, Standard Overnight delivery (by 4:30pm next day), Priority Overnight (by
noon next day), Saturday Delivery...All by Federal Express OR they have
the option of buying E-tickets (print at home and have them immediately).

Just keep in mind that if you choose to purchase through esellout, you make sure you put in the coupon code that entitles you to 5% off.  When we're talking expensive playoff tickets, 5% isn't so bad.  Heck, use it to cover parking.  Just make sure you put in the coupon code : Pensburgh.

There is more info about Dave Pierce on the main page of