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On the Hunt...

I'm on the hunt for a good Rangers blog to exchange love/hate mail back and forth with during this series.  I'm open to any suggestions, as long as it seems like the blogger would provide an entertaining read.  I know the Blueshirt bulletin exists, but I can't find any of his contact info up on the site.  Besides, his blog roll is just Rangers blogs and therefore doesn't strike me as someone who'd be interested in this.  That's nto to say he doesn't do a solid job at covering the team, but I doubt his level of interest would peak for this endeavor.  Regardless, suggest away loyal Pensburgh fans.  Let's get this ball rollin.

Keep your eyes/ears open (or keep checking back today) as the NHL will announce their contenders for the Norris (top rookie) trophy.  If I had to make my own nominations for it, I think I'd include Patrick Kane, Niklas Backstrom and Carey Price, with Price taking it home.  Had Toews not been hurt this year with a knee injury, I think he'd have been in contention for the top seed of the trophy hunt.

Looking ahead to the Penguins/Rangers series, I have to say the one concern in each and every game is penalties.  If game one against the Rangers is anything like game one against the Senators than New York is set to have their share of power play attempts.  As good as Gary Roberts was in the first two games of the series, he's going to have to prove his value even more this time around and NOT TAKE PENALTIES against Avery.  It's a fact the two don't get along, especially when you pull a quote from the ESPN article on Avery obstructing Brodeur's vision with glove/stick/waving.  Robert said something along the likes of, "He's just an idiot."  

The more disciplined the Penguins play against the Rangers the better their chances.  Even still, this is not to say the Penguins haven't had a stellar penalty kill in the playoffs.  So should the occasional stupid penalty arise one should hardly worry.

Alright - so hit me up with some Rangers blogs and let's get fired up on this.  For your reading pleasure in the mean time, check out Tony Ferrante's extensive preview on the series here.

As Rangers fan and celebrity cameo starlet Mr. Knight has already opted to e-mail me, allow me to repost this here: