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Penguins vs Rangers Open Thread - Round 2, Game 1

Game 1
In Pittsburgh at 7pm
Watch on Versus, MSG, Yahoo! or listen live on

At long last the night has arrived.  The Penguins last played nine days ago.  Will they be rusty?  Doubtful.

The players have asked Pittsburgh fans to white out the building tonight, and if there's one thing Penguins fans are known for it is their loyalty.  Expect to see white jerseys, white t-shirts (handed out by Mellon) and perhaps even some white towel waving for this one.

Gary Roberts is a scratch on the night.  Looks like he couldn't jump back from those leg issues he had in the second half of the Ottawa series.  He remains probable for Sunday, but if I had to guess I'd say unlikely.  Expect him back for Game 3.

Nothing more to say about this one that hasn't already been said.  Let's allow the players and the game to speak for tomorrow's media ventures.

Game on.