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Penguins vs Rangers - Round 2, Game 2

Game 2
In Pittsburgh at 2pm
Penguins lead series 1-0
Watch on NBC, MSG, Yahoo! or listen live on

Marty Straka should just be happy the New York media sided with him and not against him, as tends to be the method of one of the classiest cities in the world.  Isiah Thomas molests a cheerleader and it's all over the front page.  Jason Giambi uses steroids and no one chastises him more than New York.  In October/November the NY media was pushing for Eli Manning to get the boot.  Then he wins and the city loves him.

But when Marty Straka interferes with Crosby (which he did), the NY media calls it a dive (which it wasn't) and relinquishes all bashing and redirects it towards Pittsburgh.

Too bad the games are in Pittsburgh and those papers don't hit news stands there.

As a Rangers fan, you can argue the play to your heart's content.  If you're expecting retribution today in penalty calls you won't get it.  Consider it retribution for the Avery stick to Crosby's face when he was checked to the ice.  You haven't heard anyone argue about a missed call there now have you?

Why would Crosby, with the chance to win the game for his team on a potential 2-on-1 breakaway, risk a diving call?  Besides, he only fell to one knee before pulling himself back up.  That signifies interference, not a dive.

But believe what you want NY.  You always will.

Like this guy.