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Penguins Beat Rangers 5-3. Dare We Say - Sweep?

Malkin celebrates one of the many Penguins goals

So much for the Penguins not winning at Madison Square Garden this season.  

Pittsburgh, who posted an 0-3-1 record at MSG during the regular season, couldn't have done a better job at shutting up the New York media than with their 5-3 win in Game Three on Tuesday.

Interesting stat to come from Game Three - Georges Laraque has become the second to last active Penguin on the playoff roster to tally a goal.  The only remaining straggler is Tyler Kennedy, who has tallied two assists over the seven games and proves his worth beyond a doubt on the forecheck.  Should Kennedy tally one in Game 4 Thursday night, every Penguin will have scored a goal over the last eight games.

Things got intense awfully fast when Ryan Whitney barely let a minute tick off the clock before scoring the first goal of the game.  Before long Pittsburgh, who was deadly on the power play (2 for 3), managed a healthy 3-1 lead heading into the second period.

But that's when things took a slight turn.  In a style reminiscent of Pittsburgh's four goal rally in Game One, New York tied the game with two quick goals in 1:04.  What looked like a sure win for Pittsburgh became an immediate fight for victory.

After Michel Therrien called a team timeout, the Pens came firing out of the gate again on all cylinders.  With just over two minutes remaining, Evgeni Malkin pulled the Pens ahead by one goal heading into the third.

The Rangers, who posted an atrocious 0-5 power play on the night, failed to convert with the man advantage and two consecutive 5-on-3 attempts.  You can blame it on their lack of offensive production or you can blame it on the Penguins' stellar penalty kill led by none other than Jordan Staal.

I'd say you'd be better off picking the latter.

Before long Ryan Malone sent home the security deposit on a tip-in from the shot of Kris Letang to seal the Pens' victory at 5-3.  

Pittsburgh has won all seven of their 2008 playoff games, making them the first team since the 1994 Rangers to do so.  Irony knows no bounds.

When you look at Pittsburgh's chemistry compared to that of New York, you can't help but notice the fluidity of play amongst the younger team.  Solid passing, incredibly accurate shots and amazing penalty kills have been the story of success for Pittsburgh in this post-season.  

Amazingly, Pittsburgh were out-shot 2-1 in Tuesday's game, hitting the mark five times on 17 shots.  Marc-Andre Fleury was equally busy between the pipes, successfully stopping 36 of 39.  

You know New York has officially caved when they interview Fleury on their post-game show.  Hilarious.

Equally hilarious article right here.

Game 4 to complete the sweep is right around the corner; Thursday at 7 p.m.  Bring your brooms.