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Gary Roberts to Return Sunday?

Word around the rumor mill is that Gary Roberts may play on Sunday against the Flyers.  Of all games for him to come back to, I presume the Philly game will be one of the worst.  If I were Therrien, I'd keep him seated for the Flyers game.  Why you ask?  Because personally, I feel that if the Flyers are (will be) eliminated from playoff contention, they won't stop from taking out a few Penguins in the process.  They've played a dirty game all season long and won't hold back in the season finale.  Although I'd love to see Roberts annihilate Cote, I'd rather see him make an appearance in the first round.  Thoughts on this?

"At this point, I'm just trying to get ready to play, whether it's one game maybe on Sunday if things go well the next few days.  I don't see me playing (today) obviously, I need a few more days of practice. Hopefully, with no setbacks, I'll be ready to play Sunday. No one wants to go into the playoffs with no games under their belt, but the pace is pretty good right now. I haven't played in three months, but I'm doing everything I can off the ice to get ready, but there's nothing like game conditioning.".

Gary Roberts
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (4/2/08)