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Looking Ahead to the Playoffs

Well if there's good news about the match-up on Sunday it's that Daniel Briere is out with a knee injury.  The bad news is that Philly has clinched a playoff spot and depending on the outcome of Sunday's game will most likely play Pittsburgh in the first round.


Bring on someone new...I'm over Philly.

But in any case, should the two teams meet in the playoffs, keep in mind that Pittsburgh has never won a playoff series against Philthadelphia.  

Can Pittsburgh go up against someone else in the playoffs?  Sure.  Here's what has to happen:

If Philly wins in regulation or otherwise, then they move up to 95 points and Boston/Ottawa shift down a spot each.  Therefore, if Philly wins this Sunday, it may very well be a Pittsburgh vs Ottawa first round (again).

However - this is all pending on where Pitt ends in the conference.  Should Pittsburgh claims the conference with a win over Philly, then it will be a Penguins/Flyers first round.  However if Montreal wins on Saturday vs Toronto and Pittsburgh loses to Philly, then it could end up Pittsburgh/Boston first round if Boston loses.

It's all very confusing at this point and frankly not worth stressing over.  Whatever happens will happen.  This is the time of year that makes me want to vomit in apprehension and confusion.

Time for you guys to chime in...


Who would you rather see Pitt play in the first round?

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