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So Much for Boston - Or Is It?

Boston's 3-0 loss to Buffalo and Montreal's 3-1 win over Toronto pretty much limit Pittsburgh's first round opponents to either Ottawa or Philly...for now.  Should Pittsburgh win in regulation with two points, they will move into first in the Eastern Conference, hold the title as Eastern Conference Champions and play Philly in the first round.  If Philly squeaks out a point (say, in an OT loss), then Philly moves into seventh and Boston slides down to eighth and plays Pittsburgh in a 1/8 match.

In the final outcome, if Philly beats Pittsburgh regardless of regulation/overtime, then Pittsburgh holds down second place, Philly moves into sixth and the Penguins take on an Alffredson-less Ottawa in the first round as part of a 2/7 match-up.

Although it doesn't effect the Penguins' first round, Washington edged their way into the playoffs with a 3-1 victory over Florida.  This officially eliminates Carolina from the playoffs and halts the potential "All-Staal" playoff show.

Everything can change tomorrow based on the outcome of the Philly/Pittsburgh game.  I don't know how much has changed since yesterday (aside from Carolina's elimination and Washington's entry) but the situations have taken a slight turn.  

In any case, Pitt is still in the running for the Eastern Title.  Two points a la a win IS necessary for this to happen; that much is for sure.  The rest is still insanely up in the air.