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The "Experts" Speak

I've never been one to really take anything a so-called sports 'expert' has to say to heart.  Perhaps my beliefs just lie entirely on the fact that, unlike Rocket Science, there is not a simple yes or no response.  Anything can happen to any team/player at any time and no expert can predict these things.

But, in light of the playoffs fast approaching, I figured it'd be only right to take a look at what some self-proclaimed experts are saying (both good and bad) about the Pens/Sens series.

This is the first of the predictions to make it to my inbox.  It comes to Pensburgh via, a sports wiki site comprised of people who think they know everything;  similar to AGM.  The full link is here.

Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa
A rematch of their first round playoff match-up last season. Don't expect the Senators to walk all over the Penguins this time around. Ottawa were on a roll last year, and Jason Spezza, Daniel Alfredsson, and Dany Heatley were hot. The Penguins are a bit more better equipped this time - Evgeni Malkin has taken the next step up, and they have the services of quality players Marian Hossa and Petr Sykora. Pittsburgh will win this series in six games.

Mr. MJ Lithgow may not be an expert, but I like what he has to say.  I suppose this is the difference between online wiki site and reputable papers/magazines.  They don't come right out and just say "Pens in six".  They dance around the topic and try not to corner themselves into a false statement.

As I come across more I'll toss them up.  Do the same in either comments or diaries and I'll make it part of the main page.