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Penguins vs Rangers - Round 2, Game 4 Open Thread

Game 4
In New Yawk at 7pm
Penguins lead series 3-0
Watch on Versus, Yahoo! or listen live on

This is for the sweep and the Rangers know it.  As much as they'd love to come out firing, it's going to be hard.  Drury has some bruised ribs, Avery is out for the remainder of the playoffs, Betts is questionable from the puck to the face Tuesday night and Lundqvist has been off his game.  The only saving grace for the Rangers, should they choose to accept, are Gomez, Jagr and maybe even Callahan.  As for that guy with the number 14 on his jersey...who is he?

It's looking more and more like a Flyers/Pens Conference match-up.  Amazingly Montreal can't stop Philly.  It's ok, we'll watch the Flyers inch closer to the cup before the Penguins step in and take away all hope.