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Penguins vs Flyers, Round 3 Game 2 [Open Thread]

Game 2
In Pitt at 7:30 p.m.
Penguins lead series 1-0
Watch on Versus, Yahoo! or listen live on

We'll start it off with some good news: Talbot is healthy again.  According to the Trib Review he will be in the lineup tonight.  Even prior to the announcement of his play, Talbot expressed he wouldn't mind being scratched if it meant the team could keep the same chemistry as last game and keep winning.  Max Talbot - what a guy.

The media is speculating that Steve Downie may make an appearance for the Flyers tonight.  Downie, who has only played in four games this postseason, may add some much-needed muscle to the Flyers' forecheck and a surprising boost to their offense.  Not that I'm hinting the hits were weak last game, but I'm sure Philly fans and the Flyers alike would agree that the physical game needs a boost to keep Pitt under control, especially when they have the puck in the Pittsburgh end.

No need to delete that - seconds after viewing the Flyers' page, it is now apparent Downie WILL play for the Flyers tonight:

"Steve Downie will play tonight, and Patrick Thoresen will come out," said  Stevens. "Our fourth line has been big contributors in the playoffs here. I think all those guys, including Patrick, have done a great job. We just think Downie gives us another right hand shot in the lineup. [He’s a] competitive guy, and he can create a little bit offensively."

The tempers will be up another notch with this one, and I wouldn't be far-fetched to think someone is dropping the mitts tonight.  Hatcher will be under a watchful eye, as will Downie, Laraque, Ruutu and Orpik.  Orpik may very well find himself in a scuffle whether he likes it or not, strictly as a result of his stellar physical play.

Puck drops at 7:30 on Versus.