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Was It a Goal?

I really wish I could credit the site that found this pic, but I have no idea where it came from other than as a post on a fan site.

EDIT: Photo found on

We can all agree that arguing this call is a moot point, but when you see it from this angle you have to wonder how the War Room didn't rule it a goal.  Again, I'm not complaining or whining a la the Rangers/Flyers when it comes to calls, but this is about as clear a shot as you'll get for one of the more questionable calls of the game.  If this picture were available today, that means someone up in the video review area had a chance to see the same thing yesterday.

In any case, the Penguins still won and I'm not going to whine and dine on the coulda-woulda-shoulda game.  But even if this were the call in favor of the Flyers, I'd still be saying how the refs loused it up.

I'll toss some updated stats up later tonight/early tomorrow.

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