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Penguins vs Flyers, Round 3 Game 4 [Open Thread]

Game 4
In Philly at 7:30 p.m.
Penguins lead series 3-0
Watch on Versus, Yahoo! or listen live on

Could this be it?  Are the Penguins on course to sweep their cross-state rivals, single-handedly wiping the 5-3 regular season smirks from the face of each and every Philly player and fan?  It's of course a possibility, but Coach Stevens of Philly is doing everything in his power to fight to see another day.

Expect Downie OUT tonight.  Sure, he's healthy and yes, the Flyers have some injuries, but if you think Stevens is going to take another risk with him on the ice than either you're crazy or it's more than obvious he's conceded defeat.

Greg from PuckDaddy spread the news that Pittsburgh now has conference championship hats for sale.  While I've always been one to wait for the championship hats, I think I'm going to go crazy this year and buy one of each.  And yes, that was optimism speaking.

Snoop "Dawg" Jodie from The Sidney Crosby Show e-mailed me this sweet video early this morning.  This was apparently taken after the Penguins won and headed back to the dressing room.  Jodie is convinced Malkin screams, "How's it goin baby?" as he heads off the ice.  After a quick listen, I'd have to agree.

I love how Georges taunts them - and then Ruutu with that blood sucking smirk as he crashes into the boards.  Pretty hilarious.

Finally, Braydon Coburn is out for Game 4 as he still is having some issues with that eye/50 stitches/puck to the head and now can't see thing.

Let's roll - Game 4 tonight.