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Friends and Family of Pensburgh

Tough loss last night.  Not detrimental in any sense of the word, but just tough.  It's almost like you woke up with a hangover in regret of drinking, only to remember you never drank anything last night; the Pens simply lost.

But let the Flyers take the hike out to Pitt.  Let them burn $3.80 a gallon worth of gas for every mile of the 300+ trek with the Pittsburgh expectations of finishing it all of in Game 5.

I figured with two days off in between games, it'd be a good time to take a look around at what friends and family of Pensburgh are saying.  So chill out, relax, and navigate your way through the blogosphere.

Yesterday I mentioned the Flyers were getting all the good bounces.  Tony Ferrante at Confluence couldn't agree more.  You can't go four straight games of bad luck.  Eventually, at some point, it's going to work in your favor.  Now that's not to say Philly didn't hustle out there and earn their goals, nor am I saying Pitt helped them with the 10 first period penalties; but what I am saying is the puck bounced their way and they'll have to hope it stays that way if they hope to pull off one of the biggest upsets since 1975.

Anyone who followed the Pens at all this year knows how big Ty Conklin was in net when MAF was down with the ankle sprain.  So it's only right for him to be on the cup.  

While defensemen and forwards must participate in at least 41 regular-season games or one during the Cup final to be guaranteed a place on the trophy, all goaltenders have to do is dress for that many games. Actually facing shots in any of them isn't an issue, so if the Penguins were to win the Cup this year -- a pretty popular hypothetical these days, don't you think? -- Conklin would be assured of having his name on it, because he was in uniform for 54 games.

Link found on Empty Netters

Does this mean Gary Roberts, a forward who dressed for 38 regular season games before going down with a broken leg in December, won't have his name on the cup if the Pens win? recaps the game and still believes in the possible but preferably unthinkable.

The 700 level still believes, putting them right up their with Senators and Rangers fans.  While I can't knock them for their confidence (hell, I'd pull the same card too if the Pens were down 3-1), I do have to say it may be the toughest assumption made to think Pitt will lose two-straight on home ice after not losing - ANY.

And finally; are the Flyers REALLY relying on Biron?  He was hardly challenged in Game 4 and when he was it wasn't exactly flawless.  Pascal Dupuis was one one-timer away from making it a tie game.  If Philly is putting the life of this series in the hands of Biron then they must not have high hopes.  Frankly, and I say this as a Penguins fan, if they want to put hope in the hands of any player it'd be Mike Richards.