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Penguins vs Flyers, Round 3 Game 5 [Open Thread]

Game 5
In Pitt at 3:00 p.m.
Penguins lead series 3-1
Watch on NBC, Yahoo! or listen live on


"So you’re going to have a #1 defenseman with a bum foot going against either a Malkin line or a Crosby line ??  If you’re the Penguins, that might not be a bad deal after all."

Tony Ferrante - Confluence of the Three Rivers

Tony makes an excellent point.  Putting an even slightly injured Timonen back in the lineup would be similar to that of, say, Steve Downie.  One misstep or bad play can change everything.  When you're playing through pain, sometimes the bad play is easier to make.

This game is big for the Pens on many levels.  First off, they can't allow Philly to come into Pitt and win.  No team has done it in the postseason and Pitt doesn't want to give Philly that rush to the head.  

Pitt also can't allow Philly to inch any closer, regardless of whose ice they are playing on.  Dallas is doing it to Detroit and frankly the media is loving the "comeback kids" story.

Pensburgh user Dayna from the offseason blog found an interview with Sid up on the NHL pages.  In it, he mentions Sykora and Malkin are both fending off colds, while we all know Roberts is dealing with pneumonia/e-coli/I don't think anyone knows for sure.  Perhaps this has attributed to the fact Malkin has been scoreless since Game 1.  I can't believe it for sure though because Sykora hasn't played as if there's an issue of any kind.  He had that beautiful backhander in Game 1 and the game-winner in Game 3; it would seem he's doing just fine.  Plus, if that's how he plays when he's sick, then either hope his play is through the roof when he's healthy or frankly just keep him sick [joking].

Remember - 3:00 today on NBC.  Expect excessive golf interludes or some other sport that apparently takes precedence over hockey in the eyes of NBC executives.

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