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Welcome [new and old] Friends!

As you may have noticed, Pensburgh had a nice little face-lift done here.  While wrinkles hardly set in after only 6 months of blogging, the SBNation network was making a change and Pensburgh was fortunate enough to be here for it.

The post below this explains pretty much everything.  Instead of the old "diaries" we now have fanposts.  You may also notice you can recommend a story, which would ultimately bring it more attention.  Since this hasn't really been done yet, I'd advise you all to try it out. 

Take chances, make mistakes, play around with it.  This site is as much yours as it is mine.  Try posting a fanpost (as Stros. Bros has already done ).  Leave comments, make a fake quote (as I've done below), post a poll and just have fun with it.  Eventually the entire Pittsburgh roster will be listed on this site, including individual player profiles.  When next season's schedule is released, there will be no better place to find it then right here on Pensburgh.

You can also fit Pensburgh to your screen whether you want it wide or narrow.  You can alternate between the two; you don't have to always keep it that way.

Also, make sure you individualize your profile.  Add an avatar, create a bio, etc.  As you can see, my picture is very true to real life.  I always wear a helmet with faceguard.

With that I say : have fun, go crazy.

PS - Your name is not deleted or taken! Just reclaim it by following these instructions.