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The First of Many "Expert" Predictions

As expected right around the final series of the year, all of the experts come out of the woodwork.  Well Ross McKeon of Yahoo has been no stranger to voicing his concerns this season and has done so again for the Penguins vs Red Wings series.  Penguins fans be warned: you're not going to like what he has to say.

Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to win a Stanley Cup. You can bet your bottom dollar on it. It’s a lock, a sure thing, guaranteed.

But it just isn’t going to happen this year. Not against this group of Detroit Red Wings. So with all due respect to the Penguins, and the late, great Herb Brooks, this is not your time.

Ross McKeon

Yahoo Sports

Ouch - talk about a kick in the pads on that one. 

I supposed McKeon believes that age will win before beauty.  And also just like to say, in McKeon's defense, he has already stated he has no allegiance to any team in hockey, nor does he have anything against the Penguins.  I find it hard to believe he is a general fan of the sport without having at least SOME favoritism towards a team, but I do admire his ability to just come right out and say it in this context. 

The Red Wings are ripe with veterans, as anyone who has looked at the roster and seen birthdates in the early 70s could conclude.  But some would even say the Penguins, with their younger and hungrier, faster and equally skilled roster of talent, can surpass Detroit in age alone.  Certainly something to consider.

I don't want to just go about recapping McKeon's predictions, so how about this: give it a read, check it out, and let's discuss the pros and cons for each team in this series.  If you disagree with what he says, back it up.  If you agree, tell me why. 

I'm sure there are other predictions out there as well, so if you come across them shoot em up on the fanpost feature or comment with links.  Let's get a nice Stanley Cup Finals prediction gauge going.