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Isn't It Great?

Other teams around the league are re-signing players , finagling deals with former retired vets and none of it surrounds the Pens yet.  Sure, they'll get to that eventually, but first Pittsburgh has a cup to win.  Isn't it great to still have hockey in May?

Is anyone else crossing out the days on a calendar?  I know I am.  These are days we'll never see again, never live again and yet can't wait to get through in anticipation of what we all hope to be Pitt's third cup win.

So to kill the time I've continued to hunt down fun and interesting links that we can all, minus fans of the selected teams, have a good laugh at.

For starters, this is no laughing matter.  Experts across the board are picking Pittsburgh over Detroit.  Props to Faceoff Factor for really staying on top of that.

This one  was chuckle worthy, so much in fact I had to do a double take.  Anything that insults the Flyers will always get the nod at Pensburgh.  By the way, this is not a photoshop of any kind; it's a genuine pic that was up on

The WBS Baby Pens are in hot pursuit of the Calder Cup.  Unfortunately they dropped a 2-1 game Wednesday night against the Portland Pirates (Anaheim Ducks' minor-league affiliate) to edge the series in favor of Portland 3-2.

Jagr is looking to spend more time in New York on the opposite side of shutdown-man Hal Gill.  I guess his 71-point performance during the regular season and his 15-point performance in the playoffs is enough to keep the Rangers hungry for re-signing.  Either that, or he's really just looking forward to opening the season in his home country come September.

If you actually value his opinion, Eklund from hockeybuzz is keeping a rumo(u)r chart going for the offseason.  I can't guarantee the validity of it.  After all, he predicted Ovechkin and Kolzig were "definitely" in talks with Nashville to a point where it was almost a set deal.  Minutes later, Ovechkin signed his blockbuster deal with the Caps.

Case and point I suppose.

Greg (a.k.a PuckDaddy) at Yahoo! found an awesome clip of something that may one day replace ice in an arena.  No more air-conditioners or complaints about slush - could this solve all problems?

Communism seemed like a good idea once too.

Finally, the Detroit Red Wings' Legend of the Octopus is revealed.

And in case you were wondering, Penguins DO eat octopus .

Only two more days to go friends.  I will hopefully have some special features with Detroit blogs coming up soon for your reading pleasure.  Pending, of course, on their response to my e-mails.