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Word Around Town(s)

I spent a good portion of my Thursday night/Friday morning trolling around Detroit and Pittsburgh websites, papers and blogs to see what we have going on in the calm before the storm.  It all comes down to a "he's better than him", "we're better than you" and plenty more of that rah-rah talk.  But here we have a nice collection of stories and quips for you to peruse.

If you fancy yourself a hockey fan, or know of someone who doesn't cheer for any specific team, then perhaps you can convince them and educate them in the ways of the Penguins. Apparently some woman thought the Penguins were playing the Blue Wings in the playoffs, and many might question whether Max Talbot is a clothing line.  Read on for further hilarious anecdotes.

The Red Wings' big-time goal-scorer in the playoffs may be out for Game 1.  Johan Franzen suffered a concussion in the Dallas series and will most likely sit on Saturday.  This could eliminate one guy for one game, but the Pens will still have their hands full.  Don't count on him sitting out though; this is the Finals.

Speaking of, here's a look at the duos of each team.  You'll agree with the first line, but may find yourself either smiling/shuttering with the mention of Scotty Bowman.  The man/legend brought a cup to Pitt in '92, but now works in the Red Wings office.  Either he'll bring a touch of luck to the Pens or he's backing the Wings with sheer presence alone.  Fear the latter.

You've heard the comparison between the 1983 Oilers and the 2008 Penguins.  The Pens tied a franchise record held by the '83 Oilers, having gone 11-1 in 12 playoff games.  Now read on to further comparisons between the two.

The NHL released a video for the Finals.  Awesome doesn't describe it.  Mario makes a few appearances as well; check it out.

Stat hit - if the Pens win the Cup, Crosby will be the third fastest player to do so next to Guy Lafleur (one year) and Rejean Houle (two years).

Pensbugh user and offseason blogger Dayna has put Marian Hossa under the microscope .  I'd say a good majority can understand her shifts of allegiance surrounding the Hossa trade; I'm a believer now myself.


Pucktoons from Fanhouse